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International Financial Aid Programs for US students

Federal student loans

Curtin University is a 'Deferment Only' institution and therefore no longer certifies US Federal Loans, such as loans applied for under the Direct Loan Program (DLP) or the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).

Private Student Loans

Curtin University predominately liaises with Sallie Mae, who is a private loan provider for US students' educational requirements, such as the cost of tuition fees and living expenses.

If you are successful in obtaining a private loan, Curtin University will normally receive 2 cheques over the course of 12 months or the period of enrolment up to 12 months for each loan. The cheque is made co-payable to you and the University, and so Curtin will contact you once each cheque arrives to organise the deposit of the cheque.

If you make any changes to your enrolment, such as a Leave of Absence (LOA) or course withdrawal, it is very important you advise Student Administration and Fees so that the necessary reporting adjustments can be made to your loan.

Deferring loans

Curtin University can approve deferments for students who have already received US Federal Student Loans. If you have in the past received a US Federal Student Loan and you are enrolled at Curtin University on at least a part-time basis, you can apply to defer repayment of those loans. Please contact your lender for the appropriate deferment form and submit this with your request to Student Administration and Fees.

Additional resources

Below are some useful resources to assist you:

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Important information

Please be reminded that any funds you receive as part of any loan must be repaid. Understanding your rights and responsibilities are very important to know before signing up with any loan provider.

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For any additional information, please contact:

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