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Curtin University
Fees @ Curtin

Fines, debts & sanctions

All payments must be made by their relevant due dates. Failure to make payment by required deadlines may result in additional fines and/or sanctions on your student record.

Having a sanction on your record means you will be unable to receive your study period results, obtain an Academic Transcript or graduate until the debt is paid. It may also prevent you from enrolling in your current or future study periods.

Individual departments handle their own debt enquiry. Please ensure you direct your queries to the relevant department:

Debt Type
Contact Information
Tuition fee enquiries Student Administration and Fees
+61 1300 222 888
Student Services and Amenities Fee Student Administration and Fees
+61 1300 222 888
Non-payment of materials/incidental fees fine Your Student Services Office
Library fines T L Robertson Library
(+618) 9266 7166
Parking fines Parking and Traffic, Building 115
(+618) 9266 7116
Housing debts Refer to your Accommodation Office
i.e. Vickery House, Guild House, etc.
Bookshop debts Bookshop Credit Officer
(+618) 9266 2315
Examination regulation breach fines Examinations Office
(+618) 9266 7016

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