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Curtin University
Fees @ Curtin

International student fees

As an International student studying at Curtin University, you are required to pay your first semester tuition fees before entering Australia. The amount required depends on your enrolled course and will be stated on your Letter of Offer. Please note that this amount is only an approximation and may change depending on the units in which you enrol.

For subsequent semesters, you will need to make payment by the due date shown on your eInvoice.

For more information regarding your time as an International student at Curtin University, please see the International Students website.

If you would like to know an estimate of your course, the Indicative course fee can be found at Courses at Curtin by simply following the steps below:

Please note, these fees are only a guide. Your actual tuition fee is not calculated until enrolment is completed. Indicative course fees are based on a normal full-time workload of 100 credits per semester.


Need to know how much your tuition fees will be?

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