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Curtin University
Fees @ Curtin
International Onshore and Offshore Distance Education 2014 Fee
$AUD per credit
Curtin Business School Masters and Doctoral theses 162
Schools of Accounting; Business Law and Taxation; Economics and Finance; Information Systems; Management; Marketing; Curtin Law School; DEBII [1060; 1053; 1047; 1015; 1009; 1049; 1345; 1754]
Curtin Business School UG units 134
Curtin Business School (excluding Accounting and Curtin Graduate School of Business) PG units 143
Accounting PG units 153
Curtin Graduate School of Business
Curtin Graduate School of Business Int ONshore units 174
Curtin Graduate School of Business Int OFFshore Distance Education units 153
Department of Minerals and Energy Economics
Minerals and Energy Economics units 153
John Curtin Institute of Public Policy (JCIPP)
JCIPP units 162
Masters and Doctoral (Centre International Health, Health Science, Nursing and Midwifery, National Drug Research Institute, Public Health, Social Work) theses 153
Masters and Doctoral (Biomedical Science, Human Communication Science, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Psychology) theses 174
Health Sciences Faculty Units 162
School of Biomedical Sciences
Biomedical Sciences units 153
Department of Dental Hygiene and Therapy
Dental Hygiene and Therapy units 174
Centre for International Health
International Health units 153
School of Nursing and Midwifery
Nursing and Midwifery units 143
School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work
Occupational Therapy units 162
Department of Social Work
Social Work units 153
School of Pharmacy
Pharmacy units 146
Physiotherapy units 162
School of Psychology and Speech Pathology
Psychology units 153
School of Public Health
Public Health units 153
Humanities Masters and Doctoral theses 153
Humanities Faculty units 129
School of Built Environment
Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture
Architecture and Interior Architecture units 143
Departments of Construction Management; Urban and Regional Planning
Construction Management and Urban and Regional Planning units 129
School of Design and Art
Departments of Art; Design
Art and Design units 126
School of Education
Education units 129
School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts
Departments of Communication and Cultural Studies; Film and Television; Information Studies; Internet Studies; Journalism; Media and Information; Social Sciences [1064; 1062; 1018; 1067; 1065; 1038; 1063]
Media, Culture and Creative Arts units 126
Science and Engineering Masters and Doctoral theses 162
Science and Engineering Faculty units 143
Schools of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering; Civil and Mechanical Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Computing
Departments of Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Engineering Operations; First Year Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Petroleum Engineering
Engineering units 162
Department of Computing
Computing units 137
School of Science
Departments of Applied Physics; Chemistry; Environment and Agriculture; Medical Imaging Science
Science (excluding Mathematics and Statistics; SMEC) units 143
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics and Statistics units 137
Science and Mathematics Education Centre
SMEC 500 and 600 level units 129
SMEC 700 level units 162
Western Australian School of Mines
Departments of Applied Geology; Exploration Geophysics; Minerals Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy; Mining Engineering; Spatial Sciences [1068; 1044; 1070; 1026; 1016]
WASM (excluding Mining Geomechanics) units 162
WASM Mining Geomechanics PG units 174
Centre for Aboriginal Studies (CAS)
CAS Masters and Doctoral theses 153
Centre of Aboriginal Studies units 113
Centre for eLearning
Uniready Enabling units 50
Study Abroad Inbound 113
International Exchange Outbound 137

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