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Information for sponsors

Responsibilities of the Sponsor

If a department, body or organisation wishes to sponsor a student's studies they must complete, sign and submit a Sponsorship Agreement [.pdf] to the Senior Fee Officer, Sponsors, preferably prior to the commencement of the study period in which the sponsored student has enrolled.

The sponsor must ensure all the tuition fees are paid by the due date indicated on the invoice/s. Should payment not be forthcoming prior to the due date, late payment fees may be payable in respect of each sponsored student.

Delays in payments, without prior arrangement with Student Administration and Fees, may result in a sanction being placed on the student record. The sanction will remain in force until all outstanding fees have been cleared.

A sponsor will be responsible for any expenses or costs incurred by the university in recovering any monies.

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How to make a payment

A sponsor is able to choose from several payment options.

Curtin ePay (all sponsors)

A quick and easy online payment method. Pay online with a Mastercard, Visa or AMEX (credit or debit card) directly to Curtin.

International Sponsors can pay Curtin University in their preferred currency using Curtin ePay Flywire.

Direct Transfer (sponsor offices in Australia)

Sponsors making payment in Australia may transfer funds directly from their bank to Curtin University's bank account. For banking details, please email Sponsor Fees on

Telegraphic Transfer (international sponsors only)

Funds may be sent through the Sponsor's bank to Curtin University using the University's bank details. For banking details, please email Sponsor Fees on

Please note: payments sent by Telegraphic Transfer may incur a bank charge from the receiving Bank for processing the payment to Curtin’s bank account. This charge is the responsibility of the payer.

When payments are made it is requested that a remittance advice be provided detailing how the Sponsor wishes the payment to be allocated. The remittance advice details should be emailed to

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