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How to become a Sponsored Student

If a department, body or organisation (often an employer) agrees to sponsor your studies they will need to complete, sign and submit a Sponsorship Agreement [.pdf]. Or you may contact the Senior Fee Officer, Sponsors by phone on +61 8 9266 4530 and advise you are to be a sponsored student. They will then contact your sponsor and provide them and you with the necessary forms to set up the sponsorship.

If you are sponsored by an Australian department, body, or organisation, all forms should be submitted to:

Team Leader, Sponsors
Sponsor Fees

If you are an international student all forms related to sponsorship should be submitted to:

The Manager
International Sponsored Student Unit

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Responsibilities of the Student

As a sponsored student you must complete a Disclosure of Information form [.pdf] which allows Curtin University to provide information relating to your tuition fees and your academic progress to your sponsor. The form should be submitted to either the Senior Fee Officer, Sponsors or The Manager, International Sponsored Student Unit at one of the addresses provided above.

Should your sponsorship be due to expire prior to you completing your studies it is your responsibility to obtain an extension of sponsorship from your sponsor.

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