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Curtin University
Fees @ Curtin

Other fees & charges

During your time at Curtin University you may be required to pay for resources, fines and fees that do not relate to your tuition.

Fines, debts & sanctions Fines, debts and sanctions can be incurred for a variety of reasons. These include but are not limited to, non-payment of material fees, having outstanding items at the library and breaching exam regulations.
Late fees If you miss a deadline you may be charged a late fee.
Document Fees The list of document fees includes information about charges for documents such as Academic Transcripts or a Letter of Course Completion.
Student Services & Amenities Fee The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) supports the provision of a wide range of non-academic services and amenities to all students at the University.
Special processing & service fees This page has a listing of fees for services such as rectification of your student record or reinstatement after cancellation of your enrolment.
Printing & photocopying fees These are maximum rates able to be charged by University areas including the Library, ABACUS Labs and Faculties/Schools.
Incidental fees

These fees are specific to your course and are charged in addition to your tuition fees. For example, if your study involves using a laboratory, you may need a lab coat and safety glasses. Incidental fees are set by your relevant faculty.

For more information see the 2018 incidental fee list [.pdf].

2017 incidental fee list [.pdf] are also available.

Books Each course has specific textbooks that are required for study. Visit the Co-op bookshop website for prices.
Parking Students who wish to park their car on campus are required to pay for their parking. For more information, visit the Parking and Traffic website.

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