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Sponsorship should not be confused with Scholarships. Scholarships can be one-off cash payments or full fee grants, administered by the Scholarships Office.

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is when a department, body or organisation formally agrees to pay your tuition fees either for the full period of your studies or for a specified period of time. As a fully sponsored student you will not be issued with invoices and will not be required to make any arrangements for payment of invoices whilst your sponsorship is valid. All invoices for tuition fees will be forwarded directly to your sponsor.

Invoices for tuition fees will be issued to the sponsor six weeks prior to the due date of the current study period in which you, the sponsored student, are enrolled. The invoice will include your name, student ID, study package details and the title and cost of each unit in which you are enrolled in the particular study period.

There are two ways in which you can be sponsored:

  1. You can be selected by your employer or an organisation
  2. You can be granted a fee-paying scholarship based on specific criteria

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